Simplifying Ethereum for everybody

With the rise of decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the news of large companies like Facebook putting out their own coin (read more about what I think on that here), and a growing sense of discomfort around the way corporations handle and sell user data, the general public is slowly but surely becoming more exposed to blockchain technologies.

Delving into what the global implications will be with Facebook’s newly introduced cryptocurrency, Libra.

What is Libra?

If you’ve been following along with Facebook’s presence in the news, you’ve probably heard of Libra, the tech conglomerate’s attempt at cashing in on the cryptocurrency craze. This coin is created using Move, a “new programming language for implementing custom transaction logic and “smart contracts” on the Libra Blockchain,” and will allow users to send money to each other using the wallet Calibra. A decentralized currency! Cash me in!! Or wait…


One of the fundamental pillars of cryptocurrency is the idea that your transactions are private, safe, and not overseen by a middleman, like a bank. Unfortunately, Facebook has had…


All opinions I write are my own, and are not necessarily reflective of the companies and organizations I work with.

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